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Corona Couch Series

What it seems the family album does is to tell the story from the adults’ point of view, particularly from a patriarchal point of view… it’s telling the story in that way, all the highlights and ideal parts, that creates a whole set of gaps and absences, that you can’t fill the rest in.’ 

                                                                                                                                                                                   - Jo Spence


This adapted ‘counter’ photography series looks inward at us as a family during the covid-19 pandemic, using the couch as an anchor. The series portrays re-photography in linear time and highlights newly forming identity, new rituals merged with old, along with the narrative and performance of everyday family life. Reflecting on the adaptability of this new normal way of forced domestic family living. A concept of three chosen images of a possible five that were taken was soon decided, and to carry on, until life regained some normality. Little did I know how massive this undertaking was to become. Starting on Thursday the 19th of march and carried on until Thursday the 3rd of September, equating to 504 final images. 

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