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Healing with Nature

Hand made concertina book


Due to the UK’s first lockdown of 2020, my emergency surgery was stalled two by months. During that time within our permitted daily exercise, I became fascinated by the unfurling of leaves and new buds that early spring was created because of my curious nature. It was the wild hedgerows that captured my attention the most... perhaps it was the lack of NHS support, even visiting the chemists was a logistical nightmare, but I grew convinced that these weeds actually held the power to heal.  Taking snaps on our rushed walks, unable to see what I was capturing, unable to process the film, I kept photographing anyway in this very simple and raw way, choosing to keep the scanned images original, untouched and 'raw'. 


I then began to forage for a medicinal purpose and to really immerse myself into nature to heal. The act itself was also like a medicinal tonic to distract my brain from this difficult time of Covid, and my delayed invasive and life-altering surgery. Due to Covid-19, my life and practice changed at this point, as a new way of seeing and thinking. 


I then began to think up concepts of how to use the very tonics I was foraging and drinking to become a part of the art itself. I began the long-term task of making Anthrotypes using the teas and also eco-printing using the foraged leaf tannin and tonic dyes. I also explored the early method of using alternative developers, in this case, Caffinol (coffee).

Exploration of this method of working practice is ongoing.

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